A photograph of the artist

TyChi is an internet artist.
Like Spider-Man, he slings web stuff.

My life mission is best compared to the film Monsters, Inc. A bit spoilery, but the flick charts the progression of two societies living in a dystopia and their path towards a utopia. The monsters use the fear of the innocent to power their burgeoning, swanky society. In the end, it turned out that laughter was the best medicine and the humans no longer needed to be afraid of the artificially scary monsters.

Current Work

My main focus currently is a collaboration suite for writing, art, music, and coding. My secondary focus is comedy, live performance, and real-time production.

Combined, that is Sillyz.Computer.

Previous Work

I wrote about myself in a blog that outlines what it is like living in a society fueled by fear-induced machines powered by greed.

The ending to this dystopia is being written in real-time, but it should be all of us laughing the Corpo-flavored "Metaverse" into the ground; pick up a pen.


Email is the most reliable across my devices, network [at] tychi.me is best for establishing initial contact; say hi.

I'll say, "sup", you say "not much", I'll say, "how can i help" and you say something, I'll ask if you read my blog, you'll say no. I'll say read it and get back to me. You'll get back to me, I'll ask you what stood out. We'll bond a little bit and then maybe we can be friends.