About Starter Site

The Starter Site is a handcrafted website starter template. Built for any skill level. To last until the end of the internet.

Quick Start

Follow these three instructions. If successful, you will then have a website on the internet and a better understanding of web technology.

  1. Download this starter site (e.g. `curl --output my-first-website.html`)
  2. Make any personalization changes. Maybe try colors from random a11y or a color guide.
  3. Upload your starter site (e.g. `curl -F'file=@my-first-website.html' http://0x0.st`)

The file that is your website is now on a server. An internet domain (e.g. tychi.me) resolves to the server and the pathname (e.g. /starter-site) resolves to the file. Combined, this is a website.

Note: The website renders with only basic content and no images, styling, or scripts. This is a security feature to protect 0x0.st from abuse. To render the website with images, styling, and scripts, follow the next steps below.

Next Steps

To have full control over your website, you will need three things:

Domain Name
Addresses like .com, .org, etc can be leased from registrars. They allow for your website to be human identifiable.
Internet Utilities
Your server will need to be online 24/7 to process requests at any time from any where in the world. You will need both electricity and internet access.
A computer capable of connecting to the internet and responding to requests for content

Then, upload your website to your server, point your domain name at the server, and turn everything on.

Extra Credit

Any computer is capable of launching applications when turned on. Specifically, we can open a web browser, or a webview, on boot and reference a website.

Follow the cryptic instructions on this Cyberpunk 2077 easter egg to become a Netrunner capable of running a secure cyberdeck with your website as the home screen!

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